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If you're here, you probably know what we're about.

In 2018, 3 idiots started deep frying food, and "Dazza" was born. It's a miracle that anyone wants to watch our stupid videos, let alone buy our merch. What a world this is.

We have all sorts - from the sublime to the garish. We've got you covered.

Is it your partner's birthday? Buy the merch! Is it your anniversary? Buy the merch!

Ralph Lauren??? Pfffft, get some bosh in you.

This is our merch. And this is us.

doesitfry/2020-08-03-1df23kdek0ifd-Wil2As5Ij-Dazza Profile jpg 2.jpg


Primary Role: Deep Fry Food.

Secondary Role: Deep Fry Food.

doesitfry/2020-08-03-1df1xkdek5rnc-VAHalTFEJ-Daniel Profile (1)2.jpg


Primary role: Wearing turtlenecks, keeping Dazza & Omar alive.

Secondary role: Graphic Designer.

doesitfry/2020-08-03-1df23kdek7sdo-RI0TeThe4-Omar Profile jpg 2.jpg


Primary Role: King of hype, being generally annoying.

Secondary Role: Cameraman.

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